Hi there, my name is Barton Williams and I’m the author of the Skool Rox series from Little Steps Publishing. I trust that you will enjoy reading these delightfully entertaining and informative books as much as I have enjoyed creating them over the last 4 years.


Angry Mangry is the first book of the series and sends a very clear message: It demonstrates how we can all defuse our anger when things are somewhat frustrating, and there is always a successful escape as an option.


The series skillfully establishes some distinct issues related to bullying and anti social behaviour. Whether it be in a school setting or the family home, the Skool Rox series makes for some excellent social education discussion. Themes such as anger, mateship, hope and physical activity are just a few of the things to discuss post experiencing Angry Mangry through the help of the available teacher notes.


Through my work with illustrator Benjamin Johnston, we believe we have captured the innate emotional characteristics of people through a range of experiences.